2020 Kenda Northeast 24 Hour Challenge is SOLD OUT

Kenda Northeast 24 Hour Challenge

2020 NE 24 Hour News

Ok people, prepping for 2020,  there are some things we would like to go over for all to see with plenty of advanced notice. Over the last few years our pit road/pit area has been an area of concern. From speeding in the pits to parking, and what can and can't be in or around your stalls, these issues have to be addressed. We ask for your cooperation in these matters, as they are safety issues as well as being fair across the board for all teams/riders.

Please read over the following and understand this is all about safety. We ask that you keep in mind and plan accordingly for the event.

Speeding on pit road...Speeding on pit road: Pit road speed limit is 10mph and posted as such both at the event AND in the rules. We realize that most of you do not have speedometers or tachometers on your bikes, however it is the riders responsibility to know what 10mph is on their bike. Practice this before you arrive vs a vehicle with a speedometer. We have radar and do use it. We can’t be everywhere with the radar so judgement calls WILL BE MADE. There is no reason anyone should be above 1st or 2nd gear in the pits. There shouldn’t be ruts and berms in the pit area (weather depending). It’s pretty clear when a rider is grabbing gears and on the gas that they are exceeding 10mph. Pit speeding is a huge safety concern for riders AND crew. It will be enforced and judgement calls will be made.

Parking related to the pit area...Pit parking: The rule is: Everything that your team brings into the pits must fit INSIDE your designated pit area. Absolutely no overflow will be permitted and this will be strongly enforced this year. All cars, trucks, trailers etc. that will not fit within your stall MUST go to the designated camping area. If you have a pit stall on the outside of the pits, you can not utilize the area behind you, this includes outside areas of the access roadways. This area is to be used for safety crews, ambulance and our course workers and MUST remain clear.

Also remember, once the race starts all access to and from the pit area is closed for any type of vehicles. In the case of an emergency, our crews will get you out if the need should arise. The pit area WILL NOT open for access to and from until our sweep crew has cleared the track, so no motorized vehicles will enter or exit until we cleared the track and all riders have returned to the pit area.

We will do our best to lay out things that will work for everyone all we ask is you help us by understanding this is a safety concern and following our simple rules....for the safety of everyone.

Helmets...although the rules state there is no motorized vehicles allowed and no pit riding once the event starts, there are occasions where the bikes are being used or tested the day/night before the event. Please, if the situation comes to wear your bike is being ridden anywhere on the Tall Pines facility...have a helmet on. This includes during the event and in the event you may be getting towed. This is a main rule at Tall Pines as well as for the event. So again, please, if your on your bike and its moving...cover your melon.

Again, we appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Our goal has always been to provide all riders of all skill levels a fun, safe event. With your help, we can continue to do so. Thank you.