Questions & Answers


Common NE24 Hour Questions and Answers

1) Is AMA membership required to pre-enter the event?

No.  You can leave this blank on the pre-entry form.  AMA membership information will be required at sign up.  If you do not have an AMA membership at that time, you may purchase it at sign up.

2) What will the course be like?

The course will be roughly 10+ miles long, and will be a mix of fast flowing farm roads, double track trails, and single track trails.  It will be fun for all levels of riders.  We want the events length will be the test, not the difficulty of the course.

3) Can we park our vehicles in the assigned race pit?

Yes.  Teams and Duos will be assigned a 15’x30’ pit, and ironmen will be assigned at 15’x15’ pit area.  You may park whatever you’d like in that assigned pit as long as it fits within it.  Please note that if a vehicle is parked in the race pits, it may not be moved until after the race is complete

4) How far is the parking area from the race pits?

The parking area and race pit area are located on opposite sides of a very low traffic rural road.  It is only a short walk from one to the other.

5) What is the difference between the Premier class and the Team classes?

In the Premier class, teams of up to 4 riders 4 bikes, riders may all use their own bike and are competing for a cash prize.  In the team classes, teams of up to 6 riders may all use their own bike and there is no cash prize for these classes. Must be AA or Pro to compete in Premier class.

6) Will food be available at the event?  

Yes.  Tall Pines has a full kitchen, and they will be offering food and beverages throughout the race weekend.

7) What if one of the team members cannot ride the event after pre-entry has been sent in?

Team members can be adjusted until sign-up closes on the morning of the start of the event.

8) Will race numbers be supplied?

Yes.  We will provide each rider with 3 stickers for each number plate that will have their assigned race number.  If the rider has already put the number on all number plates, the sticker does not need to be used.

9) Can I arrive before Friday and leave after Sunday?

Yes.  Tall Pines will be open for business, so racers may show up early and stay after the event is over.  Arrangements for this can be made with Tall Pines.  They charge $10 per night/per person to camp.  For more information visit their website at :

10) Will event T-shirts be available for purchase at the event?

Yes.  We have offered all pre-entered riders only the opportunity to pre-order event t-shirts at a discounted rate.  Taking advantage of this will ensure that we have your desired size.  The event t-shirt pre-order form is part of the event entry form.

11) Are the pit areas lit?

No.  You are responsible for lighting your own pit area.

12)Can riders use radios?

No, crews are allowed but no rider can have a radio on them while they are on course.